Dynamic Discounting and Discount Management

Dynamic Discount Management (DDM) solutions allow businesses to uncover hidden savings opportunities in their supply chains by turning their Accounts Payable (AP) into a cash-generating asset and relevant short-term investment option.

DDM is rapidly gaining acceptance among AP and Treasury departments at large corporate organizations due to the opportunity to save millions (up to 0.5% of their annual spend) by offering to pay suppliers early if they discount their invoices.  Executives benefit from short-term investment value that can be achieved by paying invoices early.

1. Reduce your spend – earn significantly more Early Payment discounts

  • Additional discounts on non-discount invoices
  • Maximize capture of traditional discounts

2. Lets you benefit from double-digit, risk-free returns

  • Paying approved invoices earlier is risk-free
  • Discounts that represent double-digit interest rates are attractive to many of your Suppliers – they opt-in

3. Improves Supplier Relationships

  • Suppliers benefit from fast and on-demand access to cash at acceptable rates
  • Unlike factoring, there is a 100% payout
  • No paperwork, hidden fees or hassles


CCP Global and its Partners offer the most innovative and “game changing” DDM solutions available today.  These platforms will work seamlessly with your existing ERP and Spend Management systems, with no additional IT infrastructure required.  These hosted DDM solutions can typically be up and running in a few short weeks, without the hassle of complex software installations, including:

Our Dynamic Discounting solution will provide you with all the processes and tools you will need for a successful introduction and roll-out of early payments. This includes a user-friendly vendor portal that provides online communication and helpful self-services for quick and easy supplier adoption and supplier on-boarding.
You may be missing out on valuable discounts due to your company’s late invoice approvals. If so, consider inviting your suppliers to adopt dynamic payment terms through a self-service vendor portal.

How it’s done:

  1. Define dynamic payment terms within the familiar ERP/Spend Management environment.
  2. A straightforward analysis helps you identify the most promising candidates.
  3. Invite suppliers to opt in.

Upon supplier acceptance, our system will ensure that payments are handled properly.  Meanwhile, extensive reporting capabilities on your discount capture help you stay in full control.

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