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CCP Global is a proven leader in SAP® Ariba® consulting services. Since 1998, our team has delivered high quality SAP® Ariba® implementations, integration, training, rollout, and support to industry-leading clients. Our Subject Matter Experts average over 10 years of SAP® Ariba® experience and have successfully served more than 250 clients ranging from mid-sized firms to the largest Fortune 500s. Visit our booth at SAP® Ariba® Live 2019 to discuss how we can optimize your SAP® Ariba® solution.

Our Ariba Consulting practice spans the following services:

Ariba Enterprise Consulting/ Implementation/ Training

We can guide you through all phases of any project, large or small. We’ll ensure that all products are deployed in the most efficient and effective manner.  CCP Global provides Ariba Training Services to ensure the success of your Ariba implementation.  This includes “train the trainer”, as well as training for your business users, project teams, and support staff.  Our trainers are highly proficient in all versions of the Ariba suite of products and bring real world implementation experience.

Upgrades/ Enhancements/ Integration

Our skilled consultants will help you deploy Ariba system upgrades or enhancements with minimum disruption to your operation. Integration is a critical step to a successful implementation.  We’ll ensure all Ariba modules work together with your other enterprise systems in order to create a seamless solution.

Our expertise in Ariba’s Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG) allows for rapid deployment and establishes a single point of access for all SAP Ariba solutions.

Supplier On-Boarding

Coordination of supplier on-boarding activities including, but not limited to:

  • Key supplier information gathering (i.e. contacts, capacity, constraints, distribution network, etc.)
  • Catalog management
  • cXML & Purchase Order integration
  • PDF Invoicing
  • Punchout set-up;  Invoicing options
  • Supplier Network set-up, etc.
  • Light Account Enablement

Maintenance/Staff Augmentation/Long-term Support

We can relieve your staff of many of the routine, but very necessary, functions required to keep your Ariba systems running smoothly.  When you’re shorthanded, we can serve as a highly skilled extension of your permanent staff, including providing extensive support before, during and after any Ariba project.

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