Pre-Employment Screening

Are All Background Checks Created Equal?

Regardless of the provider you choose, all background check data comes from the same sources:

  • County Court Houses
  • Colleges/Universities
  • National Criminal Database
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Professional License & Credential Databases
  • Etc.

Your Pre-Employment Screening (PES) company’s efficiency and ability to manage their access to these data sources directly affects:

  • The integrity of the data delivered
  • The turn-around time on each search type
  • The price you pay per screen
  • Your exposure to state and federal laws, including the FCRA

A Case For Innovation

Pre-Employment Screening (PES) companies face numerous challenges to remain competitive:

  • Dated IT infrastructure – Very expensive and takes a long time to change
  • Maintaining competitive prices while there are multiple levels of mark-up built in
  • Complexity of remaining compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Multiple layers in reaching data sources mean:
    • Delays in turn-around-times due to middle men
    • Integrity of search data returned to you may be less pure
  • Price you pay per background check is directly affected by:
    • The number of providers involved per search
    • The complexities of HRIS integrations and customization
    • The volume of searches run

A New Business Model – Taking High Volume Users Direct to the Source

We have decided to go around our wholesale clients like ChoicePoint, Kroll, First Advantage, etc. and allow high volume users to cut out the unnecessary middlemen and buy direct, eliminating all of the unnecessary mark up and delays.  This process:

  • Cuts the price per-screen by 40-68%
  • Improves turn-around times by a minimum of 30-40%
  • Maintains or increases data quality for each screen
  • Streamlines the process of ordering correct searches
  • Light and seamless integration into your HRIS system
  • Increases transparency and trust in the process
  • Does not require company to hire any additional staff or become a CRA.

Our Improved Process

  • Best in class technology
  • Implementation and licensing options:  Software as a Service (SaaS) or Software as a Performance Partner (SaaPP) (budget achieved through savings, financial risk assumed by CCP Global)
  • Over 70 Available Search Types
  • Near-Instant  Automated Searches
  • Industry Leading Turn-Around Time on Manual Searches
  • Network of 1,000+ data retrievers

Industry Leaders Turn to Our Platform For Increased Profitability

  • 71 PES companies use our platform to run their screening business
  • 7 of the 10 largest payroll processors use our platform and search services for their clients
  • Hundreds of other PES companies buy wholesale screens from us to maximize their profits due to:
    • Our pricing being unmatched in the industry
    • Our quality and compliance standards keeping them out of trouble
    • Our efficiency and speed that improves their turn-around times by over 30%
  • Our platform is trusted by the biggest names in the PES industry.  Organizations like:
    • ChoicePoint / LexisNexis
    • FirstAdvantage
    • Kroll
  • Why pay more for the same screens?

Client Success Story

Our team & technology was selected by one of the top staffing firms in the United States.

Project Goals:

  • Streamline background check process for all locations.
  • Cut out inefficiencies and costs by going direct.

Project Results:

  • Organization was spending approximately $8 million per year with top-tier PES organization.
  • Through our “Knowledge Transfer” process and our platform, we gave them direct access to our network and data sources.
  • This process will provide $3,750,000 in gross savings the first year. Almost 50% savings created by going direct and cutting out the middleman.

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Mission Statement

We partner with industry leaders to achieve enhanced profitability, greater efficiency and reduced risk by providing high value business solutions that leverage our experienced people, unique processes and innovative technologies.

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CCP Global was selected to lead Lexmark’s Global eProcurement project. Spanning 60 global locations, CCPG successfully led the implementation to deliver the eProcurement solution to Lexmark’s corporate, sales, and manufacturing organizations.

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