On-Demand Payroll

The Problem – Consumer Debt Trap

A huge industry exists to meet the needs of the unbanked and underbanked.  These services are expensive and carry onerous terms (e.g. Pawnbrokers, Check Cashing Outlets, Pay-Day Loan stores, etc.).

At least 60% of workers suffer from moderate/high levels of financial stress. It is the #1 cause of anxiety, ahead of health, work, relationships and crime/violence.

These Economic woes drive:

  • Increased number of on-the-job accidents (60-80% stress related)
  • Escalation of health care costs (75-90% of doctor visits are stress-related)
  • Increased levels of theft
  • Unplanned absences and tardiness
  • Reduction in quality and quantity of work
  • Decreased 401k participation


  • Lower-wage employees face severe stress and financial challenges when confronted with a cash flow crunch.  Services to solve these problems often create a vicious cycle of debt (particularly Pay Day Loan services).
  • Payday Loan users are your employees.
  • Untenable situation–results in high level of stress and impact on productivity.
  • Bottom Line:  Financial stress costs an organization 10-20% of an employee’s annual salary.

The Solution – On-Demand Payroll

CCP Global and its Partners provide an On-Demand Payroll (ODP) solution that is the answer to eliminating any need for traditional Payday Loans (or other expensive “credit” services) for your employees.  ODP is a payroll card program that combines the best features of payroll cards with the advantages of a proprietary “earnings bank”.   ODP allows employees to break the debt cycle and remove financial and psychological hardship.  ODP gives them responsible access to earned and future wages in advance of their scheduled payday, without the high cost of Payday loans.

How it Works

  • ODP is a unique and revolutionary product that easily integrates into existing time and attendance and payroll systems.
  • ODP drives adoption of electronic pay, providing incentive for employees to convert to electronic pay or payroll cards.
  • Employees transfer accrued wages through the ODP system in advance of their scheduled pay day, eliminating need for costly predatory loans.
  • Employers set customized policies and restrictions regarding employee fund access.
  • Reporting and reconciliation are integrated with existing payroll reporting.

Win-Win Solution

Integrating ODP into your payroll program provides significant advantages to your employees and a competitive advantage for your organization:

  • Eliminates the high financial, emotional and logistical costs of predatory loans
  • Provides financial flexibility
  • Not a loan! Employees access their earned wages
  • Say goodbye to payday lender fees and the debt trap
  • No bank account? No Problem! Get a secure FDIC insured debit card
  • Engenders financial responsibility
  • Easy to use
  • Offer significant employee benefit at little-to-no cost
  • Improve employee productivity, attendance, satisfaction and retention
  • Drive adoption of electronic payroll, thereby reducing payroll expenses
  • Generate positive PR / goodwill
  • Easy to implement
  • Differentiates your company

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Lexmark – Global eProcurement Implementation

CCP Global was selected to lead Lexmark’s Global eProcurement project. Spanning 60 global locations, CCPG successfully led the implementation to deliver the eProcurement solution to Lexmark’s corporate, sales, and manufacturing organizations.

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