Supplier Enablement

Dynamic Discount Management (DDM) solutions allow businesses to uncover hidden savings opportunities in their supply chains by turning their Accounts Payable (AP) into a cash-generating asset and relevant short-term investment option.

CCP Global and its Partners offer the most innovative and “game changing” DDM solutions available today. These platforms will work seamlessly with your existing ERP and Spend Management systems, with no additional IT infrastructure required. These hosted DDM solutions can typically be up and running in a few short weeks, without the hassle of complex software installations, including:

Supplier Enablement – Objectives

The Dynamic Discount Management (DDM) solution is designed to for quick and efficient enrollment of your suppliers so that the buying organization can sooner realize the rewards of on-demand management of buyer-supplier relationships.

The key objectives are threefold:

(1)   To eliminate as much manual effort as possible to ensure that the enrollment process will not be disruptive to your AP department;

(2)   To facilitate the enrollment of ALL your vendors.  Self services benefit every one of your vendors, and, therefore, should not be limited to only a percentage of suppliers.  Although we highly recommend you enable all vendors, the DDM enrollment process supports phases, including a suggested initial pilot phase.

(3)   To ensure security – the Enrollment process is designed to be secure and provide the buyer with added levels of security, uniquely identifying the vendor as your supplier.

Why CCP Global Supplier Enablement Services?

CCP Global Supplier Enablement provides options for moving suppliers to an electronic process.  Leverage our proven methodology and services team to handle enablement for you. Based upon CCP Global’s best practices expertise, these tools empower you to quickly target and enroll new suppliers to meet your objectives. Companies that partner with CCP Global Supplier Enablement Services benefit from the following value-added capabilities that ensure effective and efficient trading partner collaboration.  Organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Best Buy, Dell, Merck, Novartis and many other Fortune 1000 firms have trusted CCP Global over the last 13 years.

Supplier Enablement Strategy

Leverage CCP Global’s expertise to design and develop an effective supplier enablement strategy that determines the type of enablement your suppliers require based upon their profile, credit history, purchase order and invoice volume, and spend. Cleansing, duplicate detection (de-duping) and segmentation of your vendor master data helps to effectively target and onboard suppliers, in waves by supplier tiers, according to your objectives.

Premium Dynamic Discount Management Enablement

CCP Global’s experienced Supplier Enablement team works with the CFO or equivalent of the supplier organization to help align their cash management strategy with DDM’s Supplier Cash Planner.

Implementation Support, System Testing, and Project Management

CCP Global services can help you design and develop processes, infrastructure, and materials necessary to drive the enablement, testing, and ongoing support of suppliers. We also offer project management and quality assurance processes critical to the success of supplier management.

Supplier Education – (need to convert to DDM)

CCP Global offers extensive standard CCP Global materials and technical documentation for supplier training and support.  Topics include CCP Global Network admin user guide, FAQs, technical documentation, and free online seminars that cover the fundamentals of CCP Global Supplier Solutions in simple terms.

Supplier Tracking, Follow-up, and Help Desk

Standard reports track the enablement progress of suppliers throughout the process. There’s also the CCP Global Supplier Help Desk, which provides application-related customer support and issue resolution.

Supplier Enablement Excellence with CCP Global

With CCP Global Supplier Enablement, you have the expertise, methodology, and technology you need to exceed your supplier enablement objectives. Organizations that enable key suppliers achieve DDM maturity in ¼ of the time.

For more information about our Supplier Enablement solution, or other Dynamic Discount Management capabilities and services, please Contact Us.


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 Success Stories

Honda – Procurement Transformation & Implementation

CCP Global was selected as project consulting partner with Honda on its Procurement Transformation Project. The combined team successfully implemented and rolled-out the Ariba Buyer eProcurement platform to over 5,600 users across 3 North American business units.

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