Our Process

Our process starts with you. We discuss ideas, discover your needs, constraints, priorities, get to know your company inside and out. Our team of mobile strategists will work with you to formulate a strategy to maximize impact, increase return on investment, and conceptualize the solution and an implementation strategy.

Good design should evoke a positive emotion. A intelligent user-centric design converts to higher productivity, less time wasted on support issues, and better user engagement. Our designers craft designs that bring the purpose and value of the product front and center.

Our development team first defines the perfect architecture based on the concept and design phase. Our agile based development process runs on two-week sprints that results in an incremental build at the end of each sprint. We develop tests along the way and make sure that you have no surprises at the end.

We help launch and implement your Go-To Market strategy. We help ensure your project remains successful and provide maintenance help. When it makes sense to bring your own team on board, we help with rigorous evaluation of potential hires and training new developers on mobile technologies.

Will MannonOur Process